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Addon DiSky - Create your own Discord bot easily! 4.8.0

The best addon providing supports of Discord Bots.

  1. 4.1.0

    Critical Changes:

    • mentioned channels -> mentioned text channels (In favor of mentioned voice channels)
    • value of component with id -> value of dropdown with id OR values of text input with id (in favor of values returned by the select menus)
    • guild emojis -> guild emojis en stickers (intent)
    ⚠️ We also highly discourage people to use using bot XXX part of any effect/expression where it remains. Please, use the Specific Bot Effect instead (https://skripthub.net/docs/?id=7320)

    ✨ New Features:

    • mentioned voice channels property, to get the mentioned voice channels of a message.
    • You can now add Dropdown (through a new components row as always) to modals. To get the selected values, simply use values of dropdown with id "your-dropdown-id"
    • Added event-voicechannel in any message event (in favor of voice-textchannel IDK how to call them)
    ‍ Internal Changes:

    Full Changelog: 4.0.1...4.1.0
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