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Addon DiSky • Manage Discord with Skript! 3.6

Want to manage discord with skript, using slash command and embed ?

  1. Updating DiSky

  2. Update to Disky version 2.1

    Update to Disky version 2.1
    • Changed download link
    • Changed Version
  3. Buttons rework, async system and much more!

    New DiSky v1.13 is out now!

    This big update introduces a lot of change inside of the code itself and adds features asked in <#818182471887749123>.
    If you have any bugs with that one, please use either <#818182471887749125> or <#818182471887749126> channel!

    ⚡ First of all, the async has arrived!

    All DiSky syntaxes are now executed outside the main Bukkit thread, and their blocking has been replaced by that of Skript.
    In short, the code will be faster to execute, without and won't...
  4. Bugfixes, new syntaxes, intents and much more !

    Hey !
    One of the biggest update, with a lot of new features and a lot of bugs fixes is here!
    I'm glad to introduce **DiSky 1.11**!

    ⚡ Improved updated values
    ⚡ Reworked "entity with id " expression

    ✨ Added "bot self member" expression
    ✨ Added 'used alias' expression in discord command
    ✨ Added color support for old (2.2-) Skript version
    ✨ Added frequency audio effect
    ✨ Added repeating state features!
    ✨ Added track identifier expression
    ✨ Added way to enable / disable intents
    ✨ Added way to...
  5. Audio system, event values and new syntaxes!

    Hey !!
    Another big update, but I think you are familiar with it by now :joy:
    This update brings a lot of new features, like the use of event-value in the reaction section or new events.
    I worked a lot on the audio system, allowing a better control of the music.
    Anyway, here is a summary of the changes:
    ⚡ `•` Added way to store the next track in skip effect
    ⚡ `•` Improved a lot the reaction section
    ⚡ `•` Improved default embed building
    ⚡ `•` Improved discord command system
    ✨ `•` Added deafen...
  6. React section, bug fixe, and more !

    Another very big update of DiSky, 1.8 is here!
    This one fix a lot of bugs, rework channels, reactions, webhooks and introduce reaction section !
    Anyway, here's the small list of bug fix / new features:

    • Fixed reply with and send message effect
    • Fixed embed template not cloning correctly
    • Fixed react section bug with event-values
    • Fixed play effect join the wrong voice channel
    • Fixed use of message builder in edit effect
    • Fixed and optimized send message effect
    • Fixed...
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  7. Invite, attachments, embed template and much more !!

    Hey !
    One of the biggest various update of DiSky it there!
    The 1.7 add a lot of new features:
    :sparkles: `•` Added invite properties, way to get the invite used in a join event and create your own invite.
    :sparkles: `•` Added attachments properties too, (if spoiler, image) and also a way to download them in your server.
    :sparkles: `•` Added emblem template features. Register a new template and use it via the make embed scope later!
    :sparkles: `•` Added way to reply **to** a message and...
  8. Audio event, queue, badges, pins messages ...

    This updated is finally here :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    It introduce a tons of small and different features, each one as useful as the other!
    Don't wanna make a long message for explain everything, here's a list instead:
    • Audio are updated with a lot more syntaxes. You can pause / skip / stop etc... the current track, and get properties of them such as title, thumbail or even the YouTube author.
    • You can create voice channel using the new channel builder! Edit the max user and the bitrate, as you like.
    • A...