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Addon DiSky • Manage Discord with Skript! 3.6

Want to manage discord with skript, using slash command and embed ?

  1. Audio system, event values and new syntaxes!

    Hey !!
    Another big update, but I think you are familiar with it by now :joy:
    This update brings a lot of new features, like the use of event-value in the reaction section or new events.
    I worked a lot on the audio system, allowing a better control of the music.
    Anyway, here is a summary of the changes:
    ⚡ `•` Added way to store the next track in skip effect
    ⚡ `•` Improved a lot the reaction section
    ⚡ `•` Improved default embed building
    ⚡ `•` Improved discord command system
    ✨ `•` Added deafen / un deafen member effect
    ✨ `•` Added default prefix of bot
    ✨ `•` Added guild of bot expression
    ✨ `•` Added icon and afk channel update event
    ✨ `•` Added move member to channel effect
    ✨ `•` Added mute / unmute effect
    ✨ `•` Added role add, remove, create and delete event
    ✨ `•` Added voice join, leave and move events
    `•` Fixed a NPE for message receive event
    `•` Fixed attachment URL collide with invite's one
    `•` Fixed empty embed building
    `•` Fixed permission give / revoke
    `•` Fixed some bugs with discord commands
    `•` Fixed & Optimized react section
    `•` Fixed empty embed building V2
    `•` Fixed error in docs
    `•` Fixed typos in documentation
    `•` Deployed event values for reaction section
    `•` Added better thumbnail resolution for track thumbnail
    `•` Removed all code from the old command system
    `•` **Links:**
    Documentation `>` <https://skripthub.net/docs/?addon=DiSky>
    skUnity Page `>` <https://forums.skunity.com/resources/1289/>
    Discord `>` <https://discord.gg/whWuXwaVwM>
    Download `>` <https://github.com/SkyCraft78/DiSky/releases/tag/1.9>
    :new: Wiki `>` <https://github.com/SkyCraft78/DiSky/wiki>
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