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Addon DiSky • Manage Discord with Skript! 3.6

Want to manage discord with skript, using slash command and embed ?

  1. React section, bug fixe, and more !

    Another very big update of DiSky, 1.8 is here!
    This one fix a lot of bugs, rework channels, reactions, webhooks and introduce reaction section !
    Anyway, here's the small list of bug fix / new features:

    • Fixed reply with and send message effect
    • Fixed embed template not cloning correctly
    • Fixed react section bug with event-values
    • Fixed play effect join the wrong voice channel
    • Fixed use of message builder in edit effect
    • Fixed and optimized send message effect
    • Fixed reaction add / reaction remove events
    • Fixed react section don't run if multiple sections exists

    ✨ • Added "on disky command" event
    ✨ • Added "bot" type for bot condition / expression / effect
    ✨ • Added badges properties
    ✨ • Added make bot leave guild effect
    ✨ • Added guild of entity expression
    ✨ • Added speed, depth and pitch audio effect

    ⚡ • Improved DiSky error handler
    ⚡ • Optimized the getter for reply effect
    ⚡ • Improved react section, using consumer instead of runnable
    ⚡ • Improved some code in DiSky

    • Added new event-values for track events
    • Added webhook wiki link in examples
    • Introduced "channel from id" using guild channel
    • Added %member% type in remove reaction effect

    • Deploy webhook message builder
    • Introduce new react section effect
    • Deployed "event-channel" as GuildChannel
    • Deployed webhooks V2 features

    • Fully reworked emote / emoji features
    • Removed old discord command system

    • Links:

    Documentation > https://disky.itsthesky.info/?page=docs
    skUnity Page > https://forums.skunity.com/resources/1289/
    Discord > https://discord.gg/whWuXwaVwM
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