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Addon DiSky • Manage Discord with Skript! 3.6

Want to manage discord with skript, using slash command and embed ?

  1. Invite, attachments, embed template and much more !!

    Hey !
    One of the biggest various update of DiSky it there!
    The 1.7 add a lot of new features:
    :sparkles: `•` Added invite properties, way to get the invite used in a join event and create your own invite.
    :sparkles: `•` Added attachments properties too, (if spoiler, image) and also a way to download them in your server.
    :sparkles: `•` Added emblem template features. Register a new template and use it via the make embed scope later!
    :sparkles: `•` Added way to reply **to** a message and shuffle queue of a specific guild.
    :sparkles: `•` Added discord commands properties (usage, description etc...) and three new entry (category, permission and permission usage).
    :sparkles: `•` Added way to get invites / users banned of a guild, and all discord commands on the server.
    Don't worry, there's bugfixes too!
    :bug: `•` Fixed permission, permission message and usage entry for command
    :bug: `•` Fixed "on bot join" event which doesn't fired
    :bug: `•` Fixed empty embed buildings in some case
    :bug: `•` Fixed audio system doesn't work (updated the lavaplayer)
    :bug: `•` Fixed message builder sending when the TTS mode is enabled
    I put a lot of time (and mind also :joy:emoji_slight_smile: in that update so I hope you're getting happy.
    As always, use the GitHub issue page to report bugs or request new features!
    :link: `•` **Links:**
    Download: #「」download
    - SkriptHUB: <https://skripthub.net/docs/?addon=DiSky>
    - skUnity: <https://docs.skunity.com/syntax/search/addon:disky>
    skUnity page: <https://forums.skunity.com/resources/1289/>
    Source Code: <https://github.com/SkyCraft78/DiSky>
    Issues: <https://github.com/SkyCraft78/DiSky/issues>
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