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Addon DiSky • Manage Discord with Skript! 3.6

Want to manage discord with skript, using slash command and embed ?

  1. Buttons rework, async system and much more!

    New DiSky v1.13 is out now!

    This big update introduces a lot of change inside of the code itself and adds features asked in <#818182471887749123>.
    If you have any bugs with that one, please use either <#818182471887749125> or <#818182471887749126> channel!

    ⚡ First of all, the async has arrived!

    All DiSky syntaxes are now executed outside the main Bukkit thread, and their blocking has been replaced by that of Skript.
    In short, the code will be faster to execute, without and won't crash the server if a problem happens!
    A huge thanks to TPGamesNL for being so helpful with this system!

    Deployed long-saving discord entity!

    Until now, even Vixio didn't support saving discord types in a global variable... well now DiSky does!
    The main discord entities can be saved in a secure way in global variables, and will not be clear at reload!

    /!\ In order for DiSky to support this new change, please delete the variable file or modify it to reset the storage of discord types (you will get an error otherwise).

    ⚡ Interaction? Fully support too!

    All Discord interactions (slash commands & buttons) are supported and work properly with their proper effects!
    For example, using the reply effect in an interaction can send a message visible only to the user!

    /!\ You must now defer the interaction if you do not use the reply effect. Otherwise, the user will see the message "interaction failed ".

    /!\ Button syntaxes have been changed COMPLETELY! Please see https://discord.com/channels/818182471140114432/818182471887749125/852190391398170644 for a complete example, or check the new wiki (https://github.com/SkyCraft78/DiSky/wiki/Buttons)!

    What about all the rest?

    A complete changelog can be found in the 1.13 commits summary (1076729...dac3244),
    or in the comparison between the code in 1.12 and 1.13.
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