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Addon Diskuise 0.3.4

A Skript addon for disguising entities as other entities using LibsDisguises' API!

  1. Diskuise 0.3.3

    What's Changed
    • Added Bee Watcher
    • Added Minecart Watcher
    • Added an expression to get the skin name of a player disguise
    • Added a Grid Lock expression for falling block disguises. e.x.
      Code (YAML):
      1. set grid lock state of {_disguise} to true
    • Added a config option to show a player's name when disguising (#18 thanks @hapily04)
    • Fixed bug where disguising as a falling block wouldn't set the block of the disguise to the specified one. e.x.
      Code (YAML):
      1. disguise player as falling furnace

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/UnderscoreTud/diskuise/compare/v0.3.2...v0.3.3
    Issues: If you experience any issues or bugs in this release, please create a new issue here Issue Tracker
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