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Script DisguiseMe (1.8 -> 1.16) 1.2

Disguise as the mob of your choice with a simple command by using packets !

  1. 1.16.2+, PiglinBrute & Equipment

    Sorry for being so late to update this, but I don't have enough time to work on it! Anyway, hope you'll enjoy this update! Please read the entire patchnote (or at least the end) before updating !
    New features:
    [+] Added the new Piglin brute mob (added in 1.16.2)
    [+] The stuff of the player now properly shows up on the disguise when possible (i.e. if you disguise as a Zombie with a diamond chestplate, other players will see the Zombie with a diamond chestplate). You can turn it off if you wish to. You can see that in the gif in the attached files or here !
    Bug fixes and minor changes:
    [~] Fixed a bug in mc 1.16.2+ where some mobs would disguise you as others (Mojang changed some ids)
    [~] Fixed a bug that sent an error message to console in 1.16.2 or above (and could disconnect the player) (closes #1)
    [+] Added some messages on load about the potentials errors (ProtocolLib 4.6 being still in beta, it's not stable in every versions. As far as I tested, in mc 1.11 and lower, it doesn't work, but not having it causes errors on reload. They can be safely ignored. It is mandatory in 1.16 to show the stuff though. See below for more infos.)

    • You need ProtocolLib 4.6 (which is still in snapshot at the moment) in 1.16+ to see the stuff of the player. You can keep 4.5.1 if your server runs 1.15 or lower but you'll get errors when reloading the script (you can ignore them it's fine).
    • The snapshot version of ProtocolLib 4.6 may cause bugs in 1.11 or lower (DisguiseMe didn't work with it last time I tried, I guess we'll have to be patient on this one). Please ignore the errors, they don't matter.
    • If you still use Skript 2.2 in 1.8 (why?), you'll get 2 more errors coming from the "player's off hand tool" (for 1.9+) since it didn't exist at the time, you can ignore them (or you can update Skript with this fork)


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