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Script DisguiseMe (1.8 -> 1.16) 1.2

Disguise as the mob of your choice with a simple command by using packets !

  1. 1.16 Update & new features !

    I apologize for being this late to update my script, but this is a big update and I think the new features are worth it!
    • Added support for 1.16:
    [+] Added the new mobs: Strider, Hoglin, Piglin & ZombifiedPiglin
    • Other major changes:
    [+] The player now faces the right direction when he comes in visible range and when he remove his disguise
    [+] The player's held item is now properly shown to other player when disguising(in a compatible mob, for example Zombies)/coming into visible range
    [+] Added an experimental feature, which show the stuff of the player to other players in 1.12 or below (not only the held item)
    • Minor changes:
    [+] Added an alert if ProtocolLib or ThatPacketAddon is missing
    [+] Functions were updated (I hope I didn't forget anything)
    [~] The mobs are now in alphabetical order (at least in the options)
    [~] I optimized the script (it still isn't perfect, but it's not horrible)
    [~] The mobs are now in alphabetical order (at least in the options)
    [~] Some errors messages are now sent to the ops
    [+] Added a MobToId function for 1.16 & a UpdateHand function for 1.16 too
    [+] Added return for functions if the mob was deleted from minecraft (Pigmen in 1.16). MobToId("ZombiePigman") return -6 if the mob doesn't exist anymore
    [+] Added options to disable all the new features (they're all true by default)
    [-] Removed all the useless return in some functions
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