DisguiseMe (1.8 -> 1.16)

Script DisguiseMe (1.8 -> 1.16) 1.2

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Excellent resource! The only thing it lacks is ability to disguise other mobs, hope to see this in the future!
Its really good this script is really useful for servers

However there is one thing: The enderdragon moves backwards? And looks backwards? If there is any way you can fix this that would be great :D
Hey, Thank you very much for the review !
Sadly this is a known bug. The enderdragon looks backwards because of the way minecraft works (it means that minecraft makes it face south when he actually faces north), I don't really know why
I made a fix a while ago, but this imply modifying the yaw of the player every time he moves (with conditions etc) to all nearby players, and this would make the server lag if many players are connected/disguised at the same time.
I don't have a lot of time right now to work on it, but if I can find a fix that isn't too laggy, I'll be sure to put it in the next update
(PS: Sorry if my english isn't perfect, I tried my best without using any translation software haha)
Epic script, useful for cosmetics

Une script utile pour cosmetics bon courage Phe0x

(I Speak a bit of french)
Thanks for the review ! :D