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Script Devex 2022-09-14

An Experimental System which allows you to execute sequenced commands and view data / information.

  1. ShyDoge
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18, 1.19
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    This script is still in development, some features may be unavailable or buggy. If your server experiences a crash, report it to me via discord @Goose#0484

    - Sequenced Execution of commands (Up to 10000 commands is the recommended limit.)
    - Logs
    - Player Information
    - Server Information

    SID Information
    SID's are numbers stored by the server every time your server starts. Logs are sorted by SID meaning it's easy to find information you are looking for. A quick sidenote, SID's are randomly generated and are 8 digits (6 Pre-digits, 2 Decimals) meaning there are 16777216 possible SIDs. The script DOES NOT store previously used SIDs so it is possible that the server may generate 2 matching SIDs. This is not a major issue though :emoji_slight_smile: