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  1. Started actually working on Delza! Welcome Delza 1.0! no more A's

    There are settings now! (note that this feature is beta, and all bugs/typos/any kind of problems are welcomed via DMs in this website! No support will be provided or I wont reply to any problem about this feature in the reviews.)

    /toggle (arg)

    basically you can now toggle scoreboard and antiswear on and off

    i'm still working on it, expect anything to happen, there might be no message to send while toggling.

    Anti plugins list! No one can view your plugins now!
    /pl is now customized, and every command close that


    /freeze and /launch for now sorry, Thanks to ExtremeUltra for the Launch command!

    Sorry, this update is bad but I had to do it, and I don't want to abandoan or keep this resource outdated!
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