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  1. Davgamer
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Hello Guys! I am Davgamer , and I'm posting a skript of cash / player points
    I hope you like it :emoji_grinning:
    Sry for my english , I'm Brazilian

    • /dcash - for help
    • /dcash info - info the plugin
    • /dcash reload - reload the plugin
    • /addcash - add cash
    • /removecash - remove cash
    • /cash or /playerpoints - to see your cash
    • Add Cash
    • Remove Cash
    • Reset Cash NEW!
    • Reload
    • See your cash
    • You can see the other player's cash!
    Code (Skript):
    1. options:
    3.     Version: 0.7
    5.     Cash: &eCash: &f%{cash.%player%}%
    6.     Cash2: &e%arg-1%'s Cash: &f%{cash.%arg-1%}%
    7.     addcash: &eYou Added %arg-2% Cash for %arg-1%
    8.     addcash help: &e/addcash <player> <integer>
    9.     removecash: &eYou Removed %arg-2% for %arg-1%
    10.     removecash help: &e/removecash <player> <integer>
    11.     no permission: &cNo Permission
    • d.cash - For /dcash
    • add.cash - For add cash
    • remove.cash - For remove cash
    • reset.cash - For reset cash
    Screenshot_112.png Screenshot_113.png Screenshot_114.png

    • {cash.%player%}
    • none if you want add your server tell me in Discord: DavDzn#5593
    Thanks for view!

Recent Updates

  1. 0.9 BETA
  2. UPDATE!
  3. Version 0.7 BETA

Recent Reviews

  1. GlacialDew
    Version: 0.8 BETA
    I mean, this isn't that bad nor that great. It is somewhat in between the two. You could easily incorporate some kind of database using yaml, and you could also spend more time writing the code. It does not look very clean at all.
  2. LoveDucky
    Version: 0.7 BETA
    This script's concept is so basic and easy to do... It has a kind of advertisement for your Youtube channel built in, is poorly written (Not even using a list variable? Also yaml or databases are a thing) and spams the console on startup with its super useless messages.
    1. Davgamer
      Author's Response
      then this script was made to help people who do not want or do not know how to do, besides being poorly done (I do not consider it), at least some people help and besides that from youtube ad and for anyone who wants to use dcash info , and these "Loading DCash and Unloading" ads I'm going to take (I used the translator).