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Script DBans 0.8 BETA

Bans/kick/mute/staffchat! script!

  1. Davgamer
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Hello Guys! I am Davgamer , and I'm posting a skript of bans,kick,mute and staffchat!
    I hope you like it :emoji_grinning:
    Sry for my english , I'm Brazilian

    • /dbans - For Help
    • /dbans info - For info
    • /dbans reload - For Reload
    • /kick - For Kick a Player
    • /ban - For Ban a Player
    • /unban - For Unban a Player
    • /mute - For Mute a Player
    • /unmute - For Unmute a Player
    • /s or /staffchat - StaffChat
    • Kick a Player
    • Ban a Player
    • Unban a Player
    • mute a Player
    • unmute a Player
    • StaffChat
    Code (Skript):
    1. options:
    3.     Version: 0.8
    4.     nopermission: &cNo Permission
    6.     kickplayerhelp: /kick <player> <reason>
    7.     kickplayer: &cYou Has Been kicked by &f%player% %newline% &cReason: &f%arg-2%
    8.     kickchat1: &cThe Player &f%arg-1% &chas been kicked by &f%player%
    9.     kickchat2: &cReason: &f%arg-2%
    11.     banplayer: &cYou Are permanently by &f%{ban.banidopor.%uuid of arg-1%}% %newline% &cReason: &f%{ban.rasao.%uuid of arg-1%}% %newline% &cBanned in: &f%{ban.data.%uuid of arg-1%}%
    12.     banplayer2: &cYou Are permanently by &f%{ban.banidopor.%uuid of player%}% %newline% &cReason: &f%{ban.rasao.%uuid of player%}% %newline% &cBanned in: &f%{ban.data.%uuid of player%}%
    13.     banchat1: &cThe Player &f%arg-1% &chas banned by &f%player%
    14.     banchat2: &cReason: &f%arg-2%
    15.     banhelp: &e/ban <player> <reason>
    17.     unbanplayer: &cThe Player &f%arg-1% &cHas Been unbaned by &f%player%
    18.     unbanplayernot: &c%arg-1% Is Not Banned
    19.     unbanplayerhelp: &e/unban <player>
    21.     mutechat: &cThe Player &f%arg-1% &cHas been muted by &f%player%
    22.     mutechat2: &cReason: &f%arg-2%
    23.     mutehelp: &e/mute <player> <reason>
    25.     unmutechat: &cThe Player &f%arg-1% &cHas Been unmuted by &f%player%
    26.     unmutenoplayer: &c%arg-1% Is Not Muted
    27.     unmutehelp: &e/unmute <player>
    28.     mutechatplayer: &cYou Has Been Muted By &f%{mute.mutadopor.%uuid of player%}%
    29.     mutechatplayer2: &cReason: &f%{mute.rasao.%uuid of player%}%
    30.     mutechatplayer3: &cMuted in: &f%{mute.data.%uuid of player%}%
    32.     staffchat: &d[S] %coloured player's prefix% %player's display name%: &f%colored arg-1%

    • dbans.kick - To kick a player
    • dbans.ban - To ban a player
    • dbans.unban - To unban a player
    • dbans.mute - To mute a player
    • dbans.unmute - To unmute a player
    • dbans.reload - to reload de script
    • dbans.staffchat - to talk in staffchat
    Screenshot_79.png Screenshot_80.png Screenshot_81.png Screenshot_82.png Screenshot_83.png

    • none ,if you want me to add your server in private
    Have a Nice Day :emoji_grinning: