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Script Dank Memes 2.1

Now Skripts are MLG with this plugin from Harambe to Alex is a stupid N.

  1. Legoman99573
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    This is my first script that uses the plugin Skript, but I think most may enjoy what I currently have set. All you need is to place this in plugins\Skript\scripts, edit the .sk file with whatever messages you want, and use /skript reload DankMemes.sk or restart your server.

    • Skript
    • skQuery

    Here are the current commands and permissions (No admin perms as we dont need them to do anything, but we added it if you wanted it.):

    Command: /memehelp /memehelp2
    Permission: dankmemes.help

    Command: /harambe
    Permission: dankmemes.harambe

    Command: /420
    Permission: dankmemes.420

    Command: /mlg
    Permission: dankmemes.mlg

    Command: /damndaniel
    Permission: dankmemes.damndaniel

    Command: /bantu
    Permission: dankmemes.bantu

    Command: /alex
    Permission: dankmemes.alex

    Command: /Pepe
    Permission: dankmemes.pepe

    Command: /Wall
    Permission: dankmemes.wall

    Command: /Keemstar
    Permission: dankmemes.keemstar

    Inspired by @BrettPlayMC

    Command: /OhMyGod
    Permission: dankmemes.ohmygod

    Command: /Triggered
    Permission: dankmemes.triggered

    Admin Commands (Requires dankmeme.admin perm)

    • /memeadmin
    • /memereload
    • /memeupdate
    Config Section in DankMeme.sk (lines 16-47):
    # --------------------------------------------
    # Config options are below here. Modify to your liking.
    # Every update, backup this section and paste it in the new version.
    # --------------------------------------------


    # Enable or Disable Update Checker:

    updates: true

    # Prefix:

    Prefix: &8[&c&lDankMemes&8]

    # For commands:
    Harambe: &4%player% &cjust sticked their dick out for their Lord and Savior, &6&lHarambe&c.

    Bantu: &4%player% &cjust slapped their balls out for &6Bantu&c.

    DamnDaniel: &cDamn &4%player%&c, back at it again with those &fwhite vans&c.

    420: &4%player%&c smoked weed everyday.

    MLG: &4%player%&c has become an MLG Pro because they ate &c&lDoritos &cand drank &2&lMountain Dew&c.

    Alex: &4%player%&c just called Alex a stupid &c&lnigger&c.

    Pepe: &4%player%&c just found Pepe the Frog! Feels good man.

    Wall: &4%player%&c decides to build a wall.

    Keemstar: &cHey wats up &6DramaAlert Nation&c, I'm your host &4%player%&c. Leeeeets Geeeeet Rooooight into the neeews.


    Triggered: &c%player% got Triggered for some reason!

    # --------------------------------------------
    # End of Config section.
    # --------------------------------------------

    If you want me to add one, just ask in discussions.

    Here is a link to the Gist of the skript: https://gist.github.com/Legoman99573/77f23b876375ac1db2a8343962f7e9d4


    • Fix Grammar errors
    • Make the memes make lot more sense. (Brain Fart while making it)
    • Make a config (Forgot that options had that purpose. Will be in 2.0)
    • Suggest here...
    Don't make Spammy reviews or 1 star just because you hate skript or don't like it. Please PM me or take to discussion thread if I need to fix something.


    • May modify code to your fitting
    • No spammy reviews
    • Please discuss with me /via Discussions Page or PM before you leave a bad review. (Cant make you, but its better to so i know a way to make it better)