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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.13
  2. 1.14
  3. 1.15
  4. 1.16
  5. 1.17
  6. 1.18
Made by MinecraftMan1013

Do you want custom enchants on your server? Then this script is perfect for you!

Perks of my Script:
  • Customizable Enchants

  • User friendly GUI to apply and remove enchants (/ce gui)

  • You can have multiple enchants on one tool

  • If you would like an enchant added, join my discord and open a ticket!

  1. Download the file
  2. Navigate to "plugins/Skript/scripts/" on your server and put the script file here
  3. Type "/sk reload CustomEnchants" in Minecraft

Permission for all commands: ce.*
  • /ce
    Gives you a list of possible commands

  • /ce add <enchant> [level]
    Adds an enchant to your tool
    If the level is not specified, it will automatically apply the first level of the enchant you put in.

  • /ce remove <enchant>
    Removes an enchant from your tool (if your tool has it)

  • /ce info <enchant>
    Gives you info about a specified enchant

  • /ce list
    Gives you a list of all the possible enchants

  • /ce support
    Gives you a link to my discord server so that you can receive support

  • /ce gui
    Opens a user-friendly GUI that you can modify the enchants of your tool with

  • /ce reload
    Reloads the script

Descriptions of all the enchants (as of now).

The "3" from the enchant "Explode 3"
  • Explode
    If the option is enabled (Called "Ores only"), it will break all ores in the specified radius
    Otherwise, it will break all blocks in the specified radius.

  • Telepathy
    When you mine a block, it goes straight into your inventory

  • Unbreakable
    Your tool becomes unbreakable

  • Luck of the Draw
    A chance (chance is customizable per-level) to double to drops

  • Team
    If two players have the same level of the "Team" enchant on their chestplate and they try to damage each other, the damage gets cancelled

  • Sniper
    If you shift with a bow in your hand, your FOV zooms in, and you can shoot arrows at high speeds.
    The level of the enchant is the speed at which the arrow shoots.

  • Bomber
    When you shoot an arrow, there is a customizable chance that an explosion will spawn at the location that the arrow hits.

  • Witch
    When someone gets hit, there is a chance that they will get poisoned
    The level of the enchant that you have on your sword is the level of poison the victim gets

  • Medic [COMING SOON]
    When a player damages someone else, there is a chance that they will get healed

Here are the things you can customize as of now in this script (more to be added later).
  • The enchant color

  • The location of the file
    • For /ce reload
  • The radius that the "Explode" enchant will break
    • Customizable for levels 1-7
  • The chance for the enchant "Luck of the Draw"
    • Customizable for levels 1-5
  • Bomber
    • The chance that the explosion will occur

    • The explosion power

    • unt of damage the explosion does
  • Witch
    • The chance that the victim will get poisoned
      • Customizable for levels 1-5
    • The cooldown for getting poisoned
      • Customizable for levels 1-5
  • Medic [COMING SOON]
    • The chance that the attacker will get healed

A guide on how to read and use the commands

When it gives you a list of enchants:

  • Enchant Name (enchant short name)
    • Example
      • Luck of the Draw (lotd)

      • This means that you would do "/ce add lotd" to add the enchant "Luck of the Draw" to your tool.
  • Enchant Name (enchant short name || enchant short name 2)
    • Example
      • Unbreakable (unb || break)

      • This means that you could do "/ce add unb" OR to "/ce add break" to add the enchant "Unbreaking" to your tool
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