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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
• Introduction:
What is Cryantic Anticheat? Well Cryantic anticheat is my second released Anticheat. Static was a Mess of a anticheat in general, but today I bring to you a Anticheat that doesn't have straight code stollen:emoji_joy:, But my own Code. Instead of releasing the anticheat and having no updates Cryantic will hopefully be updated, I plan on adding more checks in the future. Most Checks Cryantic has have been tested and configured to work as best as I could get them to without false flagging to hard. Enjoy

• Detections:

Rarely False Flags [✔️]
False Flags [⚠]




• Customization:
When Making Cryantic Anticheat I had the idea of making it super customizable and accessible. Which Now you can Do Super Easily!
• Editing Alert Message
• Toggling Modules
• LagBacks
• Violation's Given
• Detection Numbers/Rate (Easy to Use)

• Pictures:

• Commands:
/Cryantic notify (on/off) *Notifies you when someone gets detected*
/Cryantic Update Check *Checks if anticheat is up to date*
/Cryantic LoadedModules *Checks all loaded modules*
/Cryantic Player Info *Gets the player's violation count*
/Cryantic Player Clear *Clears the player's Violation count*

• Dependencies:
• Skript 2.2-dev37c
• SkQuery 3.6.2-Lime
• Skellet 1.9.6
First release
Last update
2.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

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    Fixed: - Speed / Flight / Sensitive Speed False Flagging When Being Attacked Added: - Angle...
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Latest reviews

There is more than 4
Every tick:
loop all players
Even though false positives may happen, I don't want you to get discouraged to continue this. It's really neat, the code looks correct and you are doing a very great job.

You can't take every plugin in mind when you make this.

The skript itself is highly configurable which is very great, especially for server administrators who do not have a lot of knowledge of skript.

Thank you for making this! ;)
Thanks for the Review <3. I'm working on a new Map For Anticheat testing that will include a lot of the Bugs I've encountered throughout making Anticheats, it will Hopefully improve my next Anticheat that I've just started working on.
Lots of false positives, wouldn't recommend. Angle check falses on almost every hit :D. Reach is very bad too and doesn't have a ping factor.
Thanks for the Honest review. You can always disable angle check through the Anticheat's Config :).

The next Anticheat I've started working on will have ping checks :) and a new Map for testing it on.
if you have essentials and /warp to a place semi far away from where you are you can false speed, sensitivespeed, and sometimes if the warp makes you go high up in the air it can false fly and if you do /speed 7 or higher on essentials you false speed and sensitivespeed sometimes when you get on pigs with saddles after getting off and on a little far away from the pig you will sometimes false speed and sensitivespeed that speed and sensitivespeed false works on horses to not just pigs and if your on a pig with a saddle and you have a carrot on a stick in your hand and you open your inventory while your holding the carrot on the stick and you sort items in your inventory while the pigs still moving you false invmananger and for some reason if your on a horse with a saddle even if your not moving at all with the horse while your moving items on your inventory you false invmanager and the speed checks when they flag the vls dont change there just stuck at 4 they dont change etc im done testing for a little bit ill get on it a little later and heres a video of a reach false flag just by jumping while hitting and a flight float false if you have gadgetsmenu plugin link and use trampoline gadget and stay on it for like 20 seconds you will start falsing flight float heres a video of it and if you use teleport gadget in the gadgetsmenu and use it to teleport like 5-10 blocks away you will false speed and sensitivespeed heres a video of it
Thanks for reporting more issues, I'll try to fix separate plugin bugs as best as I can, I'll also be able to test Cryantic more since its the weekend and fix more issues, and Regarding the VL System it just prints how many Violation Points the detection adds to the player's total Kinda like how NCP Does it.

Regarding the Reach I'm currently improving it and trying to work on Angle Checks
getting in boats falses fly speed sensitvespeed and when you die and respawn you false sensitivespeed and theres to many bypassses lmao and your killaura checks aren't even aim checks there just checking if your hitting on post LOL ill list every check i could false
Speed SensitiveSpeed Fly Reach Scaffold InvManager etc i just dont recommend this until all this crap is fixed LITTERALLY RESPAWNING WHEN YOU DIE FALSES SENSITIVESPEED
and all the checks i bypassed list
Sneak Speed SensitiveSpeed Nofall InvaildMove Flight FlightFloat InvManager Killaura KillauraAutoBlock Reach And KillauraB so pretty much half the checks false and the checks are garbage to easy to bypass
Thanks for reporting the issues, I'll be fixing them right away :)