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Script Counter-Strike: Minecraft 1.0.0

CS minigame remake in Minecraft! Not fully finished.

  1. Plajer
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

    Counter-Strike: Minecraft is a simple minigame script made by me the long time ago at the beginning of 2017.
    It's mega buggy and made to work without "every x" loops (I used while loop to handle gameplay).

    Required dependencies:
    Skript 2.2+
    CrackShot (for creating guns)

    There are lots of bugs because I didn't finish this code.
    Do what you want with this code.

    Main command:
    • Not finished bomb and shop systems
    • Autobalance system
    • Game signs
    • Saving players' data in a flat file (.yml)
    • Counter-Strike like 2 vs 2 gameplay
    • Bugs over the bugs
    • "Skills" system
    • Probably some other small features...
    1. Type /cs create <arena name> to create new arena
    2. Add spawns typing /cs setspawn <blue/red> <arena name>
    3. Set game lobby typing /cs setlobby <arena name>
    4. Set game finish location typing /cs setfin <arena name>
    5. Create WorldGuard region named "csmcsigns"
    6. Reload skript
    7. Create sign with 1st line: 2v2 and 2nd line with arena name within csmcsigns region
    8. Done!
    This script CONTAINS bugs and they will be very unlikely fixed by me.
    This project was made a long time ago, now I'm a Java plugins developer and I don't work with Skript anymore.

    Do what you want with this script - fix it, modify it, post it as a new resource with a better version of this script.

    I also have 2 additional modules for this script called Achievements and TC&DR (Treasure Chest and Daily Rewards) and VillageDefense beta script. Catch me up at SpigotMC here if you want those scripts.