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Script Cosmetics 1.8

Fun Cosmetics for your server/network!

  1. Update!

    Version 1.8
    I’m back!
    - Squashed some minor and major bugs.
    - Fixed entity saving - and message when on reload/restart.
    - Fixed teleporting cursor/mouse when using cosmetics GUI.
    - Fixed another bug with and when you clear a pet. - Recoding.
    - Fixed where when selecting a emote while one is already in use message.
    + added a sound for when a player doesn’t have a cosmetic and tries to clear cosmetic(s).
    - Fixed the speed of pets! - customization for this coming in the next update!
    + Added Halloween Pumpkin surprise gadget!
    + Added a all cosmetics perm! cosmetics.all Anyone with this perm will have permission to all cosmetics!
    + Added 5 new emotes: Winking Santa, Blinking Santa, Looking Santa, Xmas tree, Blinking orc.
    + Fixed and added a bug with Disco Beacon name and teleportation.
    - Removed the Cosmetics vault! - Recoding.
    - Removed horse pet for now! Lots of new pets are coming soon with more abilities and functions in the next update! “will be customizable in game”.
    + Adding/making the EMOTE(s) skulls better - WIP.
    ! Next update // introducing Characters !
    ! Next update // pets customization/settings in game !
    ! Next update // + more !

    NOTE: Please delete old script version and upload the new one then reload skript or server.
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