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Script Cosmetics 1.8

Fun Cosmetics for your server/network!

  1. Update!

    Version 1.5
    - Squashed some minor and major bugs.
    + Added 3 new hats - Stone, Cobblestone, Oak Log.
    + Added 1 new Pet. - Horse
    + Added Unbreaking to the Bow Gadgets so it does not break easily.
    + Changed the speed of the Pets so they’re not to fast nor to slow.
    + Changed the look of the Pets GUI.
    - Removed Umbaska from Dependencies list.
    - Fixed so when a Pet dies it won’t drop any items.
    - Fixed a bug when clearing a Pet.
    - Fixed some spelling typos.

    NOTE: Please delete old script version and upload the new one then reload skript or server.
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