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Supported Skript Version
  1. 2.7
  2. 2.8
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
Adds a feature-packed Cookie Clicker script to your server!

  • Scoreboard (displays cookies and CPS)
  • Lets you restart if you're just too good (prestiging coming soon!)
  • An upgrades shop with the same buildings as the original Cookie Clicker
  • Backs up to the server so you never lose your progress
  • use-vault: will decide whether the plugin will use Vault as the cookie currency, as opposed to the variable-based system. Set this to true to use Vault, and false otherwise
    • Note that if this option is set to false and you don't have Vault and an economy plugin installed, the Skript will give 3 errors on reload. Despite how it looks, it will still work fine.
  • /cookieclicker(start, shop, delete, reset, scoreboard, stats)
    • start - use this command to start the game
    • shop - brings up the 'Cookie Shop'. Here, you can buy cursors, prisms, wizard towers, etc, in exchange for your cookies!
    • delete - deletes your progress
    • reset - we all know that feeling of just being TOO good. If you ever want to start again, this is your command!
    • scoreboard - this will toggle your scoreboard on or off
    • stats - will send your player data in chat, currently in pretty NBT format
  • Skript (recommended: 2.8.5)
  • SkBee (recommended: 3.5.0)
    • Currently, the reverse scoreboard lines config option needs to be set to false for the scoreboard to look normal. This will be fixed in future versions
  • skript-gui (recommended: 1.3)
  • skript-reflect (recommended: 1.4)
  • Vault w/ an economy plugin - optional
Coming soon:
  • Upgrades - allows you to upgrade your cookie
  • Stats
  • Rollback - allows the server to rollback to a certain time if need be
  • Load previous saves - allows users to load back to an earlier save
  • Options - allows users to customize certain aspects (sounds, etc)
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