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Script Colorful Glow-Skript 1.0.0

This skript provides you with the possibility to give any entity a colorful glow-effect

  1. KleinLuzi
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    Thanks for visiting this page =)
    This simple, yet very useful and light-weight Skript adds colorful glow-effect to your server.
    I have been looking for a working system like this for months, and never was able to find anything like this, so I made it myself.

    - Skript-Reflect (Download here)
    - GlowAPI (Download here)
    - PacketListenerAPI (Download here)
    - SkBee (Download here)

    - glow.use (enables you to use /glow on/off)
    - glow.admin (gives you permission to all other sub-commands of /glow such as changecolor)

    - /glow
    - /glow on/off
    - /glow changecolor %color%
    - /glow colorlist

    auto-complete function of the changecolor command for more convinience:

    default glow color on enabling:

    changed glow-color to gold:

    - This Skript provides usage of 2 functions which makes this Skript a whole lot easier:
    Code (Java):
    1. EnableGlowing(%entity%, %color%)
    Code (Java):
    1. DisableGlowing(%entity%)

    Usage of both functions in a skript:
    Code (Java):
    1. on right click:
    2.     if clicked entity is set:
    3.         EnableGlowing(clicked entity, "green")
    5. on right click:
    6.     if clicked entity is set:
    7.         DisableGlowing(clicked entity)

Recent Reviews

  1. pesekjan
    Version: 1.0.0
    Time to shatter your dreams.
    Let's start with dependencies, when it comes to scripting you're pretty limited, and for some more advanced stuff you need extra plugins but 4 (2 of them not Skript related) just for glow effect doesn't seem right. In this case, I would recommend using reflect only even tho it's gonna be difficult, or something like skript-packet/ThatPacketAddon with ProtocolLib.
    Now the more painful part. Else if is a thing in Skript, don't use if ten times with stop effect below it. The second thing, the code is so repetitive and not good-looking overall. Make it shorter and more optimized, there are multiple ways how to do it.
    And last but not least, why is there so much text art? It doesn't look good or professional. Do you really need 19 lines long signature at the top of the script with some licensing stuff? It just feels comical at the end.

    After all the script does its job but needs 2 addons and 2 extra plugins, the code has mistakes and is over 400 lines long.

    If you want to get this project better, take my advice, spend some more time on it and I will review it once again. It has some potential in the end.