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Script ChatManager 448 [Skript] 1.3.1 Release

Fully Customizable features to properly control the Chat System! [High Quality]

  1. 1.3.1: Increased security in "Strict" Mode

    • "Strict" mode can detect players when using a command (Usually this system detects the msg command)

      [This update will make "Strict" mode to more aggressively]

      ***This additional system will not work "If a system use Type [Censored]"***
      ***I recommend using the "Block" type so that the additional system can work properly***
    • Fixed wrong GUI Name "Mentions"
    • Changed some messages
    • "Debug mode" and the "Log system" can be used properly
    • Created new GUI for "Reset Options"
    • Shorten the contents of messages on "List" (for players)
    • Removed unused Prefix ID
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