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  1. Rewrite

    The script has been rewritten, making the code more bearable. As a result the script now only works correctly with SkBee 1.16+.

    The source code is also now stored on GitHub Gist instead of Pastebin.

    The changelog below may have some things missing, since I'm not entirely sure that I checked all of the changes that occurred due to the rewrite.

    • Item format for unstackable items.
    • Keywords are now stored in global variables created when the script loads, instead of local variables created every time a player chats.
    • {CIplaceholder} being removed from the chat when using keywords.
    • Pesky warning about a list missing an 'and' or 'or'.
    • Using the same keyword more than once resulting in a " appearing in chat ([hand][hand][hand]").
    • Colors in chat not being displayed properly or across the whole message when using keywords.
    • Messages only appearing once when present multiple times in the chat format.
    • Messages containing :{1}: with numbers from 1-6 changing places with keywords (:{1}:[hand][hand]:{1}:).
    • Messages with keywords being sent even when the chat event is cancelled.
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