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  1. Amar_Pro_gamer
    me, titustitus98
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    This script will change the color of your chat. even if you choose a color and you can choose a color and

    /chatcolor <color> - Changes the color of your chat
    /chatcolorlist - Lists the colors possible

    Skript (2.2-dev37c)

    chat.color - Gives you the permission to change your chatcolor to any color
    chatcolor.list - gives you the permission to type /chatcolorlist

    List of colors:

    1- Black = &0
    2- dark blue - darkblue = &1

    3- darkgreen - dark green = &2
    4- cyan = &3
    5- darkred - dark red = &4
    6- purple = &5
    7- gold = &6
    8- gray - grey = &7
    9- darkgray - darkgrey - dark gray - dark grey = &8
    10- blue = &9
    11- lime - light green - lightgreen = &a
    12- lightblue - light blue - aqua = &b
    13- light red - lightred = &c
    14- pink = &d
    15- yellow = &e
    16- white = &f

    List of chat styles:

    1- strike = &m
    2- italic = &o
    3- reset = &r
    4- underline = &n
    5- bold = &l

    note that you can use a color and a chat style in the same time!

    color changed:
    List of colors in-game:

    To do list:

    1- To every color have it's own permission
    2- make it a GUI

    NOTE: if you need any help, just add me on discord:


    join this server: https://discord.gg/5W3P75T to get support from me, and my friend.

Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 1.0
    i like it works fine i and i dont mind that the person below can make a one more exact
    1. Amar_Pro_gamer
      Author's Response
      Oh, thanks... its good to see someone who actually appreciates my skripts, especially since i realized that this skript is actually not that good....
  2. Olyno
    Version: 1.0
    Sorry but this resource is really bad and meaningless. You made a 108-line code (yes, I looked at it before I wrote it down) whereas the same code, I can make it much less complex in only 4 lines.
    Here is the code that would do exactly the same thing:

    on chat:
    cancel event
    set {_msg} to colored message
    broadcast "&f%player% &7> &f%{_msg}%"

    Of course, the color code is to be known, and the format of the 4-line code can be changed at will.

    Sorry to announce it, but you still have a lot of progress to make. So I invite you to experiment more code in skript in order to improve yourself and post even better codes!

    I hope you'll post better code in the future :)
    1. Amar_Pro_gamer
      Author's Response
      Im not an advanced skripter, and your code wont set their chatcolor, it would only set their chatformat.