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Script Chat Manager 2019-03-19

Easily manage your chat ingame.

  1. Adam McGrogan
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Chat Manager

    This is an easy, fast, and working chat manager.

    Commands (cm.use):

    /cm mute [reason] Mute chat [with a reason] (bypassable with the permission "cm.bypass").
    /cm unmute [reason] Unmute chat [with a reason].
    /cm clear [reason] Clear chat [with a reason].
    /cm fake <join/leave> <player> Fake a join/leave (editable messages)


    This skript was built and tested on Minecraft Version 1.12.2, but should work with other versions too.


    This is a simple and working Chat Manager. We've added an anti-advertising feature! You can control your chat with 4 simple commands. You do not need to edit the config for the commands to work. You can edit prefix's, and more. Please leave any suggestions/bugs in a review. This project is still active.

Recent Reviews

  1. couger44
    Version: 2019-03-19
    A functional skript for prison and survival servers (and the entire roll)
    1. Adam McGrogan
      Author's Response
      Thank you.