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Script Chat Flags Plus 2022-12-09

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.19
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Chat Flags Plus

Chat Flags Plus is a chat censorship system that is easily customizable for the best possible results. You can add new flags, and removables to make the system fit to your own server.

/flag [type] [string] - Add, remove, or list the flags on your server.
/identifier [type] [string] - Add, remove, or list the identifiers on your server.

chatflagplus.use - Use Commands
chatflagplus.alert - CFP Alerts

Q: I can't get CFP to flag sentences.
A: Due to how CFP works, if you want sentences to flag, create a flag of your sentence, without spaces or special characters.
Q: How can I stop them from bypassing the system?
A: Our system is not perfect, but if your players are bypassing CFP, you can add identifiers to stop them.
Q: Why won't CFP flag anything?
A: If CFP is not working, try doing /flag list. If nothing shows up, your issue is that you have not added your flags yet. Do /flag add to add new flags.
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