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Script Cellblock 2.0.0-pre3

Cellblock - create cells, manage areas and do more on your server

  1. Another CellAddon and bug fixes

    Cellblock 1.8
    Bug fixes
    • API IMPROVEMENTS! After creating BetterCells, I found multiple issues within the CellblockAPI which can cause incorrect handling of API data resulting in endpoints failing to run
    • MISC FIXES! After reviewing parts of Cellblocks core code, I found some minor bugs which have been patched to keep Cellblock running smoothly.
    • BETTERCELLS! Another free addon for Cellblock that extends the features of the cells themselves. Currently in a BETA stage, BetterCells lets your users buy their cells
    • COMPLETELY FREE! All current and new buyers of Cellblock get not only BetterCells but Cell Directory and DefaultCellProtection for free!
    • MORE TO COME! BetterCells will gradually provide features that extend from Cellblock. BetterCells exists to prevent Cellblock becoming clogged with features that take away from the core prison cell focus of just renting
    • CELL DIRECTORY SUPPORT! Cell Directory supports BetterCells buying feature and will change the sign to show that a cell is owned which overwrites line 3 and 4.
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