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Script Cellblock 2.0.0-pre3

Cellblock - create cells, manage areas and do more on your server

  1. Cellblock 2.0.0 - pre-release 1


    First pre-release of Cellblock 2
    Cellblock 2 is completely rewritten and includes a huge overhaul of the Cellblock system. When first created, Cellblock wasn't made to handle large amounts of cells and player activity. Under certain circumstances, it was unable to keep up with demand and caused issues. There were oversights in Cellblock 1's protection system and command patterns.

    With Cellblock 2, those are fixed. Cellblock 2 utilities a different way of handling cell data; by not saving it to Skript. The problem with Skript's variable system is that Skript wants to save variables to the .csv file. Cellblock 2 will process data when it's loaded up. Storing only the 2 locations of a Cell and then getting all the block locations when it's loaded. Cellblock 2 also features different ways to save Cell reset data. Reset data is used by Cellblock to restore a Cell to how it first looked after a user has finished renting a Cell (new options discussed below). Both reset data and block locations are not stored by Skript at any point. Cellblock 2 will attempt to modify the config.sk to exclude Cellblock from having the "celldata" variables saved and will delete them on startup and shut down to prevent any saving. This is what caused the long delays in booting up Cellblock.

    A downfall of Cellblock 1 was its reliance on console commands to process and perform actions. This caused confusion and difficulty with extending Cellblock with CellAddons and created server lag as console commands have a big overhead when being performed. Cellblock 2 features a wide array of functions to run with improved performance and an easy to use API setup.

    The best part, Cellblock 2 is included to everyone who has already bought Cellblock!

    Here's a breakdown of Cellblock 2:
    • Completely rewritten
      • Cellblock 2 was written from the ground up with the experience of Cellblock 1
      • Huge redesigns and improvements to Cellblock 1
    • Customisability increased
      • New options allow you more control over how Cellblock saves data, the appearance of signs, what right/left clicking a does, how Cellblock saves data and more
    • Redesigned API interface
      • Easier to understand and connect too, the Cellblock API gives a great amount of control without confusing command setups.
      • The use of functions allows for data to be passed between Cellblock and CellAddons and utilise Cellblock helpers
      • Extendable command API allows for easy command registration for the main Cellblock command
    • Performance benefits
      • By not saving a lot of data, Cellblock has increased load times. Skript struggles with big amounts of variables, Cellblock doesn't save what isn't needed and off-loads as much as it can from Skript
      • Functions perform much better than console commands and it's shown across Cellblock 2.
    • Better Cell protection
      • Cells originally were able to blown up, set on fire, have pistons move blocks and other unforeseen player interacts. Cellblock 2 has an improved protection system that protects the original blocks of the cell from the owner and other players.
    • Renting and Buying cells
      • Originally, to be able to buy a Cell, you needed the free CellAddon BetterCells. The problem was that BetterCells wasn't able to fully handle everything cell-related and wasn't fully fleshed out. Players are now able to buy cells from the server, sell them back or sell them to other players. Players are then able to rent the cells from those players.
    • Improved flag system
      • Provides a better way to access flags, manage flags and view flags.
      • Flags have stronger controls over cells
    • Multiple Cell signs
      • You can now have multiple signs for a Cell instead of just one. Cellblock will update them all automatically whenever anything changes for a Cell
    • Bug fixes
      • As Cellblock grew, features were not put in properly. They were often made to just work with what was there and lacked in good design. Every part of Cellblock 2 has had a performance and data-efficient model in mind.

    While Cellblock 2 is in a pretty stable and near-complete stage for a pre-release, it still does have some issues. Please carefully read below for more information. If you have any questions, please contact me.
    • Upgrading
      • Cellblock 2 does not support any data from Cellblock 1.x. There is no upgrade/converter for Cellblock 1.x to Cellblock 2.x. A converter tool is coming. This release of Cellblock 2 is to show the work being done and for users who are starting fresh servers.
    • CellAddons
      • There is no backwards compatibility for CellAddons designed for Cellblock 1.x to work with Cellblock 2. If I have created you a CellAddon, please contact me to have a new version made in Cellblock 2. Costs might be applied.
      • A tool is being made to port CellAddons to the new API and/or to support them with Cellblock 2's API by pretending to be Cellblock 1.
    • Bugs warning
      • Cellblock is over 5 years old and has been tested rigorously by myself and by the buyers of the resource. Bugs might exist in Cellblock 2.0.0-pre1 and other pre-releases. Cellblock 2.0.0-pre1 can be used in a production environment but does there is that risk.
    • Missing features
      • There are some commands that are missing from Cellblock such as setting the time/price of a Cell after its creation and other commands which are currently in development.

    If you have any suggestions for Cellblock 2 please do say! This is a great opportunity for new features to be to Cellblock. Cellblock is in an easily extendable stage of development where adding new features can be fit in easily without having to work around existing systems.

    Many thanks,

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