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Script Cellblock 2.0.0-pre3

Cellblock - create cells, manage areas and do more on your server

  1. Better support for 1.12+, bug fixes, another free CellAddon & addition of Home Cells

    Cellblock 1.7
    • 1.12+! Added support for Minecraft/Skript 1.12+
    • MORE VERSION SUPPORT! Cellblock now utilises the fork of skQuery by LimeGlass
    • Some official comments have been changed to have updated links and branding uses
    New features
    • HOME CELLS! Players can now set their Home Cells via /cb home [set|info] [cell] - this is enabled by default but can be turned off via the options setting: @AllowHomeCells
    • DEFAULTCELLPROTECTION! Another free addon included with Cellblock, more information below!
    Bug fixes
    • SIGNS! Cell signs no longer get removed when the cell resets
    • DEFAULTCELLPROTECTION! A buyer of Cellblock needed a way to prevent his users from buying a cell and destroying it but found it difficult to make cells just the inside of the cell. DefaultCellProtection shows off the power of the CellblockAPI and protects the blocks a cell. You'll need Cellblock 1.7 or above to run DefaultCellProtection
    • COMPLETELY FREE! Just like Cell Directory - DefaultCellProtection is completely free
    • DRAG&DROP! Designed to just work, DefaultCellProtection works straight away, no configuring, setting up or commands to run. DefaultCellProtection integrates itself with Cellblock perfectly.
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