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Script Cellblock 2.0.0-pre3

Cellblock - create cells, manage areas and do more on your server

  1. Bug and error fixes. New version support


    Cellblock 1.8.2
    General Update
    • LATEST VERSION SUPPORT! Cellblock 1.8.2 will run on Spigot/Paper 1.14.4 using Skript 2.4-beta5. Cellblock 1.8.2 will also support lower versions as well.
    Bug fixes
    • CELLBLOCK WARNINGS! All warnings produced by Skript when loading Cellblock.sk have been fixed
    • CELLBLOCK ERRORS! Errors for Cellblock have been fixed
    • VARIABLE TYPOS! There were some typos in variables used across Cellblock. These have been fixed.
    • BETTERCELLS WARNINGS! Using newer versions of Skript produced warnings from BetterCells.sk. These warnings are now fixed

    Cellblock 2 Progress
    • Cellblock 2 will be completely different in how it is setup and run on a very unique setup. This will allow Cellblock 2 to be more powerful that Cellblock 1 in terms of what is offered by Cellblock, the performance impact Cellblock has on the server and the extension of the Cellblock API
    • Due to the size of Cellblock 1, rewriting and converting it to the new Cellblock 2 setup is taking some time. There is also the time taken with writing the new Cellblock Core which is what will run everything in Cellblock
    • I am actively maintaining multiple projects aside from Cellblock and haven't been able to dedicate my full time to it. I do aim to be dedicating more time to Cellblock by the end of the year.

    Thanks to everyone for purchasing Cellblock. This update came from user reports which I wouldn't of known about otherwise. Please inform me of any issues you have when using Cellblock.

    Thanks again,
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