Script BlackSmith 1.1

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.15

This BlackSmith script will add an extra layer of depth into crafting your precious armour, tools and weapons.
Continue reading to find out how!

This script features a multi-block structure as furnace, command to enable or disable the advanced crafting mode and a one-block structure as anvil.

The command used to toggle your blacksmith advanced mode is:
• /blacksmith advanced <true | false>
The set permission is blacksmith.

To create an anvil, you simply whack a smooth stone block, iron block or diamond block. Whereas a smooth stone block is the lowest tier of anvil and a diamond block the highest tier of anvil. Click the created anvil and craft your armour, tools and weapons!

To create the tier I furnace you have to replicate the image below. This is a very basic furnace which allows you for smelting your ores into ingots.

To create the tier II furnace you have to replicate the image below (layer 1, layer 2, layer 3/final). This furnace is better than the tier I furnace as it is more fuel-efficient.


The following plugins / addons are needed, the versions are behind:
○ Skript • v. 2.4.1
○ SkQuery • v. 4.1.1
○ skRayFall • v. 1.9.15
○ Skellett • v. 1.9.8
○ SkBee • v. 1.2.0
○ TuSKe • v. 1.8.2

License / Credits
Please do not sell or re-upload my Skript whilst claiming that it is yours.
If you do use it in a video, please put the following in the description:
Script made by Zeldaboy111
More content of the creator:

The code is not made to be advanced because the code is used in tutorials.
The 'supported versions' indicates the versions that are tested, if it doesn't work on an other version, do not blame me for it please. It is indicated at which versions it works, if it does work at an other version, please let me know.
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