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Script Better Reports 0.4 beta

A better yaml based report solution for your servers.

  1. PandaDevs
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15

    Note: Due to the metadata mechanics in 1.12 resulting in a major bug, support for that version has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

    Why use Better Reports?

    • Easy to install script with minimal dependencies
    • Zero variable storage since all reports are saved to a YAML file
    • Chat and command logs found in /plugins/Skript/logs/betterpunish for reference to reports
    • UUID support
    • Cool paginated GUI for viewing global reports (/vr global)
    • config.yml allows for customizations without opening the script itself
    Commands and Aliases
    /sendreport: (/sr, /report) Report a player for any reason.
    /viewreport: (/vr) View player reports by ID.
    /actreport: (/ar) Act on a player report.
    /deletereport: (/dr) Delete a player report by ID.


    • Customizable! Here are the default permissions:
    • br.send: Access /sendreport
    • br.view: Access /viewreport
    • br.act: Access /actreport
    • br.delete: Access /deletereport
    • br.notify: Be notified when a new report is submitted.
    To be added soon.

    This script requires dependencies.
    skript-yaml 1.3.2 (install here)
    skript-mirror 2.0.0 (install here)

    This script has only been tested on the following Skript versions, though it is expected to work on all Skript versions 2.2dev36 and later.
    Skript 2.2dev36 - v0.2 beta, v0.4.1 beta ONLY

    Skript 2.4.1 - v0.3 beta, v0.4 beta ONLY
    Skript 2.5alpha3 - v0.3 beta, v0.4 beta ONLY

    Install Skript for your 1.8.8 server here. (2.2dev36)
    Install Skript for your 1.9+ server here. (2.5alpha3)

    This script is in beta.
    Bugs are expected and can be squashed. Open an issue report on Github and we can talk about it!
    Github: https://github.com/TheBrainOfThePanda/betterreports

    Releases on skUnity will now only support Skript 2.3+. For legacy versions, please visit https://github.com/TheBrainOfThePanda/betterreports/releases.

    (Latest release for Skript 2.2dev36: v0.4.1 beta)
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