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Script BeastAB 1.0 FirstGen

Block harmful bots from joining your server!

  1. Binkie
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    『Welcome to the best Anti-Bot Skript!


    ✦ 1. Because it can handle huge amount of bots p/s ✦
    ✦ 2. Blacklist/Notify features ✦
    ✦ 3. TPS Friendly + Stable TPS while the server is under attack ✦


    ↬ BeastAB works by checking the UUID of the player ↫


    ☁ 1. SkQuery ☁
    ☁ 2. SkRayFall ☁
    ☁ 3. Ticker (If your server runs on 1.8) ☁


    ➫ /bab Command which helps you to control the Anti-Bot
    ➫ Action bar for staff when the server is under attack!


    ☯ 1. Download the Skript ☯
    ☯ 2. Download SkQuery ☯
    ☯ 3. Download SkRayFall ☯
    ☯ 4. Put the Skript in the scripts folder ☯
    ☯ 5. Restart the server ☯