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Script Bad little trading skript - Version 1.0a

Allows GUI trading with other players on the server

  1. Standardised version names, Woohoo!

    ⬥ Added clickable json link
    ⬥ Needs json.sk now, but you have that awesome skript already, don't you?​
    ⬥ Fixed a way to void item's
  2. Hotfix 0.3

    ⬥ Fixed a really bad typo that broke /trade command :emoji_confounded:
    ⬥ Added log (trade.log)
  3. Update 0.2

    ⬥ Shift double right click now sends trade request.
    ⬥ Compacted some of the code
    ⬥ Added and modified names and lore of the GUI buttons
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