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Script Bad little trading skript - Version 1.0a

Allows GUI trading with other players on the server

  1. Juc70
    Me, Juc70 and our lord and savior SkUnity docs
    A skript that allows player's to trade items with a GUI. Should be safe and secure. Player's can initiate trade with a command or shift- double right clicking or clicking the underlined chat message (version 1.0a or newer).

    ⬥ Messages trade skript sends players​
    ⬥ LinkTheSink's point of view in a trade​
    ⬥ Juc70's point of view in a trade
    ⬥ Trade window tool-tipped​
    SkStuff (Not sure if needed)

    /trade [<player>]
    ⬥Description: Allows trading with other players. If player is not defined it only tries to accept a trade instead of sending one.
    ⬥Permission: Available for everyone by default

    ◆Terms of use
    Anyone can use and modify the skript but not publicly distribute it. You may not take credit for the work.

    ◆Coming soon
    ⬥Comment ideas below
    ⬥Possibly configs​

    I made a trading skript after around half a year break from skripting. Half way making the skript, I decided to let anyone wanting use it, so here it is..
    Code (Skript):
    1. # Version 0.1 Made by Creep = Juc70
    3. function opengui(for: player, other: player):
    4.    close {_for}'s inventory
    5.    set {tradeready.%{_for}%} to 0
    6.    set {trade.%{_for}%} to {_other}
    7.    set {trading.%{_for}%} to true
    8.    send "&3Opened trade window with %{_other}%"  to {_for}
    9.    open "chest" with 4 rows named "&4%{_for}% and %{_other}%" to {_for}
    10.    set slot 4 of {_for}'s current inventory to gray wool named " &r "
    11.    set slot 13 of {_for}'s current inventory to gray glass pane named " &r "
    12.    set slot 22 of {_for}'s current inventory to green wool named "&rAccept trade"
    13.    set slot 31 of {_for}'s current inventory to red wool named "&rCancel trade"
    15. function drawStage(for: player,stage: number):
    16.    if {_stage} is 0:
    17.        set slot 4 of {_for}'s current inventory to gray wool named " &r "
    18.    if {_stage} is 1:
    19.        set slot 4 of {_for}'s current inventory to yellow wool named " &r "
    20.    if {_stage} is 2:
    21.        set slot 4 of {_for}'s current inventory to light green wool named " &r "
    23. function drawInventory(for: player,other: player):
    24. #ME
    25.    set {tradeready.%{_for}%} to 0
    26.    set {tradeready.%{_other}%} to 0
    27.    set {_x} to 0
    28.    set {_y} to 0
    29.    loop {tradelist.%{_for}%::*}:
    30.        set slot {_x}+{_y}*9 of {_for}'s current inventory to {tradelist.%{_for}%::%loop-index%}
    31. #       broadcast "&ax%{_x}%y%{_y}% -- %{tradelist.%{_for}%::%loop-index%}%"
    32.        add 1 to {_x}
    33.        if {_x} is more than 3:
    34.            set {_x} to 0
    35.            add 1 to {_y}
    36.    loop (16 - {_x}) - {_y}*4 times:
    37.        set slot {_x}+{_y}*9 of {_for}'s current inventory to air
    38. #       broadcast "&bx%{_x}%y%{_y}%"
    39.        add 1 to {_x}
    40.        if {_x} is more than 3:
    41.            set {_x} to 0
    42.            add 1 to {_y}
    43. #YOU
    44.    set {_x} to 0
    45.    set {_y} to 0
    46.    loop {tradelist.%{_other}%::*}:
    47.        set slot {_x}+5+{_y}*9 of {_for}'s current inventory to {tradelist.%{_other}%::%loop-index%}
    48. #       broadcast "&ax%{_x}+5%y%{_y}% -- %{tradelist.%{_other}%::%loop-index%}%"
    49.        add 1 to {_x}
    50.        if {_x} is more than 3:
    51.            set {_x} to 0
    52.            add 1 to {_y}
    53.    loop (16 - {_x}) - {_y}*4 times:
    54.        set slot {_x}+5+{_y}*9 of {_for}'s current inventory to air
    55. #       broadcast "&bx%{_x}+5%y%{_y}%"
    56.        add 1 to {_x}
    57.        if {_x} is more than 3:
    58.            set {_x} to 0
    59.            add 1 to {_y}
    60.        drawStage({_for},0)
    61.        drawStage({_other},0)
    63. function doTrade(for: player,other: player):
    64.    set {trading.%{_for}%} to false
    65.    set {trading.%{_other}%} to false
    66.    send "&3Trade successful with %{_other}%" to {_for}
    67.    loop {tradelist.%{_other}%::*}:
    68.        give {tradelist.%{_other}%::%loop-index%} to {_for}
    69. #       broadcast "%loop-index% - %loop-value%"
    70.    delete {tradelist.%{_other}%::*}
    71.    close {_for}'s inventory
    73. command /trade [<player>]:
    74.    trigger:
    75.        if arg-1 is player:
    76.            send "&3You silly ^^" to player
    77.            exit
    78.        if arg-1 is set:
    79.            if {trading.%arg-1%} is not set:
    80.                set {trading.%arg-1%} to false
    81.            if {trading.%arg-1%} is not true:
    82.                if {trade.%player%} is arg-1:
    83.                    if {tradetimer.%player%} was less than 30 seconds ago:
    84.                        opengui(player,{trade.%player%})
    85.                        opengui({trade.%player%},player)
    86.                        delete {tradetimer.%player%}
    87.                        exit
    88.            else:
    89.                send "&cThat person is busy" to player
    90.                exit
    91.            if {trading.%arg-1%} is true:
    92.                send "&cThat person is busy" to player
    93.                exit
    94.            send "&3Sent trade request to %arg-1%"
    95.            send "&3%player's name% wants to trade with you, /trade to accept" to arg-1
    96.            set {trade.%arg-1%} to player
    97.            set {tradetimer.%arg-1%} to now
    98.        else:
    99.            if {trade.%player%} is set:
    100.                if {trading.%{trade.%player%}%} is not true:
    101.                    if {tradetimer.%player%} was less than 30 seconds ago:
    102.                        opengui(player,{trade.%player%})
    103.                        opengui({trade.%player%},player)
    104.                        delete {tradetimer.%player%}
    105.                    else:
    106.                        if {tradetimer.%player%} was less than 1 hour ago:
    107.                            send "&cTrade timed out with %{trade.%player%}%"
    108.                        else:
    109.                            send "&cUsage: &o/trade <player>" to player
    110.                else:
    111.                    send "&cThat person is busy" to player
    112.            else:
    113.                send "&cUsage: &o/trade <player>" to player
    115. on inventory click:
    116.    {trading.%player%} is true
    117.    cancel event
    118.    "%clicked action%" is "pickup all"
    119.    if "%clicked inventory%" is "inventory of <none>":
    120.        # TRADE INVENTORY
    121.        if clicked slot is 31:
    122.            close player's inventory
    123.        else if clicked slot is 22:
    124.            if {tradeready.%{trade.%player%}%} is 0:
    125.                set {tradeready.%player%} to 1
    126.                drawStage(player,2)
    127.                drawStage({trade.%player%},1)
    128.            if {tradeready.%{trade.%player%}%} is 1:
    129.                doTrade(player,{trade.%player%})
    130.                doTrade({trade.%player%},player)
    131.        else:
    132.            set {_slt} to clicked slot +1
    133.            while {_slt} is more than 4:
    134.                remove 9 from {_slt}
    135.                if {_slt} is less than 1:
    136.                    exit
    137.            give player clicked item
    138.            remove clicked item from {tradelist.%player%::*}
    139.            set slot clicked slot of player's current inventory to air
    140.            drawInventory(player,{trade.%player%})
    141.            drawInventory({trade.%player%},player)
    142.    else if clicked inventory is player's inventory:
    143.        # PLAYER INVENTORY
    144.        clicked item exists
    145.        clicked item is not air
    146.        if size of {tradelist.%player%::*} is less than 16:
    147.            add clicked item to {tradelist.%player%::*}
    148.            remove clicked item from inventory of player
    149.            drawInventory(player,{trade.%player%})
    150.            drawInventory({trade.%player%},player)
    151.        else:
    152.            send "&cSlots full" to player
    154. on inventory close:
    155.    {trading.%player%} is true
    156.    send "&cTrading interrupted" to player
    157.    set {trading.%player%} to false
    158.    if {trading.%{trade.%player%}%} is true:
    159.        close {trade.%player%}'s inventory
    160.    loop {tradelist.%player%::*}:
    161.        give player {tradelist.%player%::%loop-index%}
    162.    delete {tradelist.%player%::*}


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  1. JustADev
    Version: 1.0a
    perfect, I mean I absoluetly love how this is set up...
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