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Script Aurora AntiBot B4

Protect your server from harmful bots!

  1. Binkie
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8
    Welcome to Aurora Antibot!
    Protect your server using Aurora Antibot!

    Join our discord server!

    Aurora Antibot can block lots of bots/s, as its maybe from the best antibots in the whole skript history!

    Features: Discord Bot Logs Support, Put your bot info and set the discord bot feature to true and then your ready to go!

    AntiVPN: Blocks any type of vpn, tor or proxy!!

    YouTube Video:

    Download all of these addons!

    1. SkQuery
    2. ThatPacketAddon
    3. Ticker
    4. Vixio
    5. SkRayFall

    Then put the skript (Aurora AntiBot.sk)
    Then open the server and your server is protected by Aurora AntiBot!

    In Type3 Feature, do /aurora settype3checkspawn to do the verification spawn then do /aurora settype3mainlobby to set the main lobby that the player will be teleported to it after getting verified!

    Always Use Type4 for the best protection avoid using Type1!!!

Recent Reviews

  1. FokaStudio
    Version: B3
    changed my mind, due to the fact that even after the patch it false bans player, all you need to do is log on to the server, restart your game and join again - you should get ip-banned

    also, there are way too many addons required, when you can propably make it in only 3 dependencies instead of 5
    1. Binkie
      Author's Response
      Well i tested it alot with my friends too and it didn’t false flags so idk whats the problem and so if it does, just use other type of the detections types, i recommend type3
  2. FokaStudio
    Version: B2
    I haven't really tested it that much, but the code - it is short and simple, shouldn't affect the performance at all, so it is always worth to have this kind of thing.

    Also, for the Ticker - it isn't necessary, as Ticker is not updated to recent version, and TPS expression was added to Skript (in 2.2-dev36)

    I have a question that isn't to AntiBot itself - how did you make those Minecraft like thingies (those giant texts)?
    1. Binkie
      Author's Response
      You can test it if u want and i will update it soon tonight, are u can just check the yt video ^^