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Script Auction System | Best Choice for Survival / RPG Server 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.11
  2. 1.12
  3. 1.13
  4. 1.14
  5. 1.15
The image are in Chinese because there are Chinese version.
However, you cannot find the Chinese version here.
But don't worry, the functions are the same.

- This is a skript plugin
- Please install all addons needed into your server

- Players can set the price by themselves
- Players holding the item that they want to sell, type '/au sell (price)' to sell
- Type '/au menu' to see what are selling on the auction shop
- Type '/au buy (goods's number)' to buy, players can type '/au menu' to see the goods's number"
- There are 45 slots on the auction shop

Skript(2.4.1): Click Me
skQuery: Click Me
Vault: Click Me
The New Economy: Click Me

Checking the commands.
/au help
Checking how many money do you have. /au money
looking what are selling on the auction shop. /au menu
Selling items. /au sell (price)
Buying items. /au buy (goods's number)

Command (Admin only):
Removing an items from the shop.
/aau unsell (goods's number)

Using admin command. au.admin
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