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Script Arrow Permission 0.3

Arrow permission helps players set-up groups/ranks on their server more easy

  1. Darrow
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11, 1.12
    Arrow Perms
    Arrow perms is a skript that allows server owners to set-up their ranks easier. Arrow perms runs off PermissionEX and maybe more permission plugins in the future, e.g LuckPerms, bPermissions and GroupManager.​

    Things needed
    The key things needed for this skript is work is..

    /arrowp or /arp
    /arrowp help or /arp help
    /arpcreate <group_name> - Creates a new group/rank
    /arpdel <group_name> - Removes the group/rank
    /arpadd <group_name> <permission> - Adds a permission to the group/rank
    /arpremove <group_name> <permission> - Removes a permission from the group/rank
    /arpprefix <group_name> <new_prefix> - Gives your group/rank a prefix
    /arpsuffix <group_name> <new_suffix> - Gives your group/rank a suffix
    /arpparents <group_name> <parents> - Sets parrent(s) for the group/rank
    arrowp.reload - Allow user to reload the skript
    arrowp.generalc - Allow user to use the help command
    arrowp.create - Allow user to create a group
    arrowp.del - Allow user to delete a group
    arrowp.add - Allow user to add permission to a group
    arrowp.remove - Allow user to remove permission from a group
    arrowp.fixxes - Allow user to set-up Prefix/Suffix for the group
    arrowp.parrent - Allow user to add inheritance to their groups

    I swear i will have an icon next time for this skript x3

    You cannot claim this as your own skript
    You can edit the skript but credit me
    You can re-upload the skript on other site but credit the me as the original creator​

Recent Updates

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  2. Arrow perms Version 0.2