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Script Armor Stand Functions Customisation 2019-04-20

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.11
This is just a replacement for Umbaska's armor stand pose code. Additionally, I have also included armor rotation (Advisable for armor stand animations.

- SkStuff
- Skquery
- Skript (DUH)

Direction (Pose)
Rotation (Animation)

#SetDirection(<entity>, "<Head/RightArm/LeftArm/RightLeg/LeftLeg>", <rotate X>, <rotate Y>, <rotate Z>)
#SetRotation(<entity>, <yaw>, <pitch>)
#AddDirection(<entity>, "<Head/RightArm/LeftArm/RightLeg/LeftLeg>", <rotate X>, <rotate Y>, <rotate Z>)
#AddRotation(<entity>, <yaw>, <pitch>)
#SetDirection(last spawned entity, "Head", 25, 0, 25)
#SetRotation(last spawned entity, 25, 1)
#AddDirection(last spawned entity, "Head", 25, 0, 25)
#AddRotation(last spawned entity, 25, 1)

Please note that I am not planning to update this besides doing some minor upgrades and make it compatible with future versions of minecraft in the future.

Please keep the review section clean and only use it for reviews and not to discuss issues. Feel free to DM me on here if you have any issues.

Lastly, You may reuse the code and modify it to your liking, after all I have no control over it. Enjoy! (But please don't republish it as your own kthx)
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