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Script AntiPluginsV4 - Do not see your plugins (1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11) 4.4

This skript that your players do not see your plugins

  1. Acenox
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11

    You want your players to no longer see your plug-ins? So this skript is for you!


    • Messages are configurable to 100%
    • config.yml
    • Here is the list of blocked commands:
    • /pl
    • /plugins
    • /plugin
    • /bukkit:help
    • /bukkit: pl
    • /bukkit:?
    • /help
    • /?
    • /ver
    • /version
    • /bukkit: plugin
    • /bukkit: plugins
    • /bukkit:me
    • /minecraft:me
    • /bukkit:ver
    • /bukkit:version
    • /about
    • /icanhasbukkit
    • /bukkit:about
    • /Ver <tab>
    • /Version <tab>
    • /about <tab>
    • /bukkit:about <tab>
    • /? <tab>
    • //calc (WorldEdit protection)
    • //calculate (WorldEdit protection)
    • //eval (WorldEdit protection)
    • //evaluate (WorldEdit protection)
    • //solve (WorldEdit protection)
    • /worldedit:/calc (WorldEdit protection)
    • /worldedit:/calculate (WorldEdit protection)
    • /worldedit:/solve (WorldEdit protection)
    • /worldedit:/eval (WorldEdit protection)
    • /worldedit:/evaluate (WorldEdit protection)
    • Multiple languages (FR/EN/ES/GER/IT)
    • Works in 1.8 - 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 (If you want version 1.7, please take AntiPluginsV3.4)


    • /antipl | Allows to reload the config.
    • /langpl <fr/en/es/ger/es> | Lets you change the language!


    • Skript2.2
    • SkRayfall
    • WildSkript
    • SkQuery


    1. Deposit in your file "Skript" le Skript AntiPluginsV4.0.sk in the file Skript/script/
    2. Then, please /sk reload all on your server
    3. The skript is now installed!


    • plugins.use (This permission allows a non-operator user to see your plugins.)


    Thanks for posting the bugs / faults, an update will be available soon to correct any problems you encounter!

    Thank you for using AntiPluginsV4!

Recent Reviews

  1. DonaldTrump
    Version: 4.4
    It's good and all, but why do you need to write a config file when there is the "options:" section available? It just makes it very painful to edit/work-with. Next update should get rid of the config.yml and include all the config options in the "options:" section, this way it would look cleaner and well-made.
    Another thing, in the "on command" section you wrote a bunch of "if"s, but you could just do "else if" after the first if and it would have been more efficient.
    Translations are poorly made, it seems like a google-translate translation.
    You could have saved a bunch of lines if you wrote after the "on command", if command contains "bukkit" etc.. This way all the bukkit:anything could have been blocked easily.
    1. Acenox
      Author's Response

      Yes, this is google translate, because I am French, so yes English is not terrible and I apologize ^^! Thanks for the comment, I take note :)
  2. HunterD123
    Version: 2017-02-23
    for the skript in all its kinda good but and i mean this with all love most of the skript plugins you used are not worth it you could of done this using skript
    1. Acenox
      Author's Response
      I understand your point of view, after that is only to be more complete than the other "classic" skripts but yes, a version only with Skript without add-on is completely possible. To see if I would not make a version "Lite" or no add-on will not be used.