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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.9
  2. 1.10
  3. 1.11
  4. 1.12
- skript

/ab ; /antibot
/ab <on/off> (manualy trigger protection)
/ab addwhitelist (add online players to whitelist)

antibot.view (view status for staff)
antibot.access (access "/ab" command)

- load the script
- do /ab addwhitelist ; to add online players to whitelist

- powerful protection that i ever created & i still using it
- based on spigot whitelist (last time tested using "kick player" fail in high speed attack, so whitelist is more suitable for instant blocking)

Screenshot 2017-06-01 00.52.52.png

Screenshot 2017-06-01 01.02.24.png

#   Options   #
   # #!!! default settings is almost accurate, by adjusted in real time high speed attack.
   # #!!! normally no need to change options, except u really needed to change it.
   prefix: &c[&6Antibot&c]&6
   auto_whitelist: 2                       # 2min(option) + 3min(every min) = 5min strangers continues online to auto whitelist                       ; after whitelist will consider as real player
   sensitivity: 2                           # stranger & stranger between join less than 2 sec auto on protection                                       ; minimum value = 1 sec, highest value will be lower sensitive
   checking: 2                               # when protection is on, every 3 mins cehck, if attack is stopped after 2 seconds auto disable protection   ; minimum value = 1 sec, highest value will be lower sensitive
   purge: 90                               # how many days of whitelisted players will be delete?                                                       ; normally 90 days is ok
   # permissions for staff
   permission_view: "antibot.view"           # allow player to view while attack & status message
   permission_access: "antibot.access"       # allow player manual trigger <on/off> antibot ; used to incase while attack not detected ; or false positive

To do list
- simplify options if needed

last time antibot-ultra rebuild and many other plugins still very unstable, i have no idea, have to write it myself

i improved so much by catching right defend timing from real time massive & high speed bot attack (fk fk guy), it defend few months perfectly so far no problem, i rate it 4.5 star for my adjusted defend level almost accurate, normally no need change setting unless u really needed to change.
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First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update configurable

    - added options - improved message look more nicer

Latest reviews

Good Script.
Suggestion: Make it MySQL compatible? :)
emm.. havent study that before, i can try if really needed