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Supported Skript Version
  1. 2.8
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.19
  5. 1.20
Anti-cheat: Safeguarding your server from cheaters!


/report -
Accessable to all players, saves all reports to server logs and console for admins to check!
/warn - Admin only, Warns the player, once reached certain amount, player will be banned!
/revwarn - Admin only, Reveals someone's warn level, can be reset.
/resetwarn - Admin only, Set someone's warn levels back to 0

Anti Cheat types:

No Auto Clicking
No Swearing
No Information leakage
No Harrastment
No Hack Flight
No Doxing
No Server file access/info
No Transphobia, Xenphobia, Homophobia
No Anti-semetism
No Racism

:emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star:Reach out in comments for further updates:emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star:

First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

"If you're that good make it yourself and stop being ignorant." bro no way you said that to SHANEBEE HES LITERALLY BETTER THAN GOOD BRO

anyways yeah shanebee is right, there is nothing in place to prevent swearing, anti semetism, transphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, and racism in chat

all there is to it is a report and warn system, anti autoclicking and a flight toggle permission checker?

and its not that hard to check the docs to see that theres a syntax to ban players instead of just executing it to the console
Lmao if you knew how cracked servers like Minefort worked you'd know its impossible to ban players within skript "ban the player due to 'some shit youve done in past' ", they put "#" or "." prefix as your username which Skript can't ban. Anyway i'm updating this skript to make up to what i claimed that how it works.

Again you're also ignorant about bans. you should check out minefort fr.

Its built in report system it has nothing to do with the "anti cheat" itself. Just something i coded when i was bored.

And i will make it so it detects everything you say in chat or maybe mute, idk. I'll figure it out.

Btw I checked your resouce "Battle Box" and its the lamest minigame Ive ever seen.
This script is miss named to say the least.
A few things:
1) I'd hardly call this an "anti cheat", it only catches 2 cheats:
- auto clicking
- flight toggle
There is nothing that catches swearing, or any of the other cheats this claims to catch.

2) This is more of a report resource. Thats really all thats here, 2 catches for cheats, then there's a warn and report command.

3) Its poorly written. So much spam.
- when a player reports another player it is broadcasted (this is odd and could very easily be abused)
- when a report is executed, the console is spammed several times

4) Console commands:
- Good god this one hurts. Skript has a built in effect for banning and kicking, yet this script is using console commands... yay more spam.

5) Setting variables on load:
- There's no player in a load event, yet clicker/warns are attempted to be set to 0 on load.

This is just a very poorly written resource, and in no way comes across as an anti-cheat as the resource name proclaims.
You do realize making Anti Cheat on Skript itself is almost impossible, I am exploring the wiki and online tutorials for more informations about Skript. If I find some reliable code, I am going to update this recourse. If you're that good make it yourself and stop being ignorant.