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Skript Tools Aliases 2.0.8

Only updated Skript Aliases supporting all versions

  1. tim740
    Check out my UDL / IDE for Atom: http://forums.skunity.com/topic/1152
    Skript Chat Discord: https://discord.gg/V4qFVnh

    Update Checker Plugin: https://github.com/tim740/skAliasesVerCheck/releases

    "skAliasesVerCheck.notice" (Sends Update Check Messages to users with this perm)

    It Checks for an update on startup then every 12 hours

    What are Aliases?

    Aliases is what skript uses to tell what item should be what (also allows you to custom name them!)
    Why do I need this?, I have the one that came with Skript!

    The one that came with Skript doesn't get updated, this one does, this one even has 1.9+ stuff in it.​

    How do I install this?
    1. Download from the link
    2. Find your "Skript" folder in "plugins"
    3. Replace the old 'aliases-english.sk' with the download, make sure to keep the old one, it's always good to keep a backup.
    4. Do /sk reload aliases
    5. You're Done!

Recent Updates

  1. Edits
  2. Full 1.12 Support (Added Colored Beds)
  3. Full 1.12 Support

Recent Reviews

  1. DonaldTrump
    Version: 2.0.5
    Well done, but it seems like you missed 2 IDs

    " There are no aliases defined for the following ids: 438, 441"
    1. tim740
      Author's Response
      I've been told this many times, this isn't a bug with the aliases, but a bug with skript it's self, just forget about it, Thanks for the review anyway