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Age And Gender is a friendly and customizable skript for RolePlay servers. Made in Italy!

  1. frafol
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

    This is a skript to set your personal RolePlay information.
    You can change the chat format and chat distance.​
    Age and gender!​

    It's simple and fully customizable!
    It has an AntiSpam system and it is enabled by default but can be easily disabled!
    Support titles and it can block /me and /minecraft:me commands!


    /age (/anni) [Age Number]
    /gender (/genere, /sesso) [Male / Female / Customizable]
    /ageandgenderreload (Reload the Skript)
    /info [player name]
    The permission for admin is ageandgender.admin but it is configurable.​

    Code (Text):
    1. options:
    2.   Setup: &a&lAGE&f&lAND&c&lGENDER&f: &7Enter an age with &a/age &7and a gender with &a/gender&7!
    3. # Don't touch the version.
    4.   version: v0.0.3-STABLE
    5.   update-alerts: true
    6. # Titles options.
    7.   Using-Titles: false
    8.   Titles-Duration: 5 seconds
    9.   Age-Title: &a&lAGE
    10.   Age-Subtitle: &7You have successfully chosen the age &a%arg-1%&7!
    11.   Gender-Title: &c&lGENDER
    12.   Gender-Subtitle: &7You have set your gender in &a%arg-1%&7!
    13. # Gender options.
    14.   Gender-Usage: &c&lGENDER&f: &7Use &a/gender Male&7/&aFemale&7!
    15.   Gender-Success: &c&lGENDER&f: &7You have set your gender in &a%arg-1%&7!
    16.   Cancel-Gender-Message: &c&lGENDER&f: &cThis is not a valid gender! &7(Male / Female)
    17. # Age options.
    18.   Age-Usage: &a&lAGE&f: &7Use &a/age &7(5-80)&7!
    19.   Age-Success: &a&lAGE&f: &7You have successfully chosen the age &a%arg-1%&7!
    20.   Cancel-Age-Message: &a&lAGE&f: &cThe age must be 5-80 years!
    21.   min-age: 5
    22.   max-age: 80
    23. # Info options.
    24.   InfoMessage-1: &eName: &f%arg-1%
    25.   InfoMessage-2: &bAge: %{age::%player%}%
    26.   InfoMessage-3: &5Gender: %{gender::%player%}%
    27. # Chat options.
    28.   chat-format: %{gender::%player%}% &7[&a%{age::%player%}%&7] %display name of player% &8&l» &f%message%
    29.   chat-distance: 10 # The chat distance (in blocks).
    30.   Use-AntiSpam: true
    31.   AntiSpam-Cooldown: 1 second
    32.   AntiSpam-Message: &cYou don't have the permission to spam in the chat.
    33.   Prevent-/me-Command: true
    34. # Info and admin options.
    35.   AdminPermission: ageandgender.admin
    36.   NoPermission: &a&lAGE&f&lAND&c&lGENDER&f: &cYou don't have the permission to do this.
    37.   Cancel-Info-Message: &b&lINFO&f: &cUse &e/info &7(player)
    38. # Mask options.
    39.   Mask-Name: &6Mask
    40.   MaskReceived: &aA mask was added in your inventory!
    41.   chat-format-mask: &7&lANONYMOUS &8&l» &f%message%
    All dependencies can be found in the ZIP file.

    Sorry for my bad English... I'm from Italy.:emoji_slight_smile: