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Script Advanced Lobby Version 2.1


  1. Zeldaboy111
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Hey there!

    It has been a while since my last upload! Well, as I am creating content for YouTube and develop this Skript in my series, I thought: "why not upload it on SkUnity?"
    The messages have been translated (it could be bad because my English is not the best) and I just want you to know before you go trough the list of things that are in the Skript and are coming that this is not the best way to do it. I made this because I want to make a highly customizable lobby Skript and make a tutorial series of it.

    I won't talk anymore after this, but this Skript is going to be updated, but from a certain point won't I update it (unless there is asked for :emoji_grinning:)

    Please do not reupload it or claim that it is made by you! If you use it in a video, put the following in the description please (won't do anything if you don't, but just give me some credits)

    Skript made by Zeldaboy111
    YouTube creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClmeX0PpxrQd9q-4kRaBefg?view_as=subscriber
    More content of the creator: https://forums.skunity.com/search/26443679/

    Plugins needed
    - Skript (of course :emoji_grinning:)
    - SkQuery (lime)
    - Skellett
    - SkUtilities
    - TuSKe
    - SkStuff
    - HolographicDisplays
    - HolographicDisplaysAddon
    - skRayFall
    - skript-yaml

    Note: going to check what plugins are needed and make an extra check with the holograms for the plugin, so the list will be shortened!

    Permissions list:
    - lobby.*
    - lobbycompass.*
    - crates.*

    Features list
    - Join message + compass
    - Custom pl/plugins command
    - Compass on join with GUI
    - Config file (files/Lobby/config.yml) that is highly customizable

    Lobby/Hub command:
    - help -> help page
    - set -> set the lobby
    - no arguments -> teleport to lobby

    Lobbycompass/Lcomp/Lcompass command:
    - help -> help page
    - create <minigame> -> create a minigame
    - remove/delete <minigame> -> delete a minigame
    - setspawn <minigame> -> set the spawn of a minigame
    - slot <minigame> <number> -> set the GUI slot of a minigame
    - setname <minigame> <name> -> set the name of a minigame
    - deletename <minigame> -> delete the name of a minigame
    - setlore <minigame> <lore> -> set the lore of a minigame
    - deletelore <minigame> -> delete the lore of a minigame
    - setitem <minigame> <item> -> set the item of a minigame
    - list -> get a list of all the minigames
    - setrows <number> -> set the amount of rows in the GUI
    - gui <minigame> -> open the config-GUI (to edit everything via the GUI)

    - help -> help page
    - list -> get a list of all the crates
    - create <crate> -> create a crate
    - delete/remove <crate> -> delete a crate
    - path <crate> -> get the edit path of a crate
    - get <crate> -> get a crate to place it

    Upcoming features:
    - Lobby Crates that give you a reward
    - Key system
    - Scoreboard

    Download goals
    - 10 :emoji_white_check_mark:
    - 100 :emoji_white_check_mark:
    - 500 :emoji_x:
    - 1000 :emoji_x:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Thijs
    Version: 1.0
    The script itself is very simple, most add-ons are not needed and skStuff is very outdated as it doesn't work on 1.13 and higher.

    Almost everything here can be done in vanilla expect YML.
    1. Zeldaboy111
      Author's Response
      Well, it says that it is only tested on 1.12.2, so if it doesn't work on a higher version: don't blame me.
      Further is this not the best way as is announced but I wanted it to be easy accessable to look in the YML files, also is it not finished. All of this is in the description of it.