[1.19-1.16] Simple Money Converter : SKRIPT

Script [1.19-1.16] Simple Money Converter : SKRIPT v1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.19
Creates a sustainable economy without relying on jobs, tasks, or quests that require another whole system. Thus, it's easy to source income.
While holding the item, use /convert add <amount || "all">, then open the /convert gui to complete the transaction (having the money collected).


  1. EssentialsX (or any economy provider plugin that uses vault api)
  2. Skript
  3. Vault
  • Withdrawal of money to item
  • Saves the converted item into a variable.
  • The action can be canceled.
  • On join notification, if the money is not collected.
  • Custom configuration.
  • The transaction cannot be completed if the player's inventory doesn't have space for it.
  • Skbee support with convert-plus.sk - with rich text components and tab completions
  • /convert add <amount or "all"> - converts the item to diamond while holding the item.
  • /convert gui - where the transaction is to be completed.
  • /convert cancel - cancel the transaction.
  • /convert withdraw <amount> - converts the player's balance to item.
  • /convert balance - checks the player's balance.
  • /convert help - all command information
item: diamond #item for exchange (e.g. it's diamond)
amount: 1 #change the conversion amount for the item to money (e.g. 1 diamond = $1. set the amount to 1 as if it's $1)
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