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Script ⚀ ⚂ DicePoker ⚅ ⚃ Poker with dices! 2017-03-19

The Witcher Dice Poker in Minecraft

  1. aescraft
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11

    This skript adds the Dice Poker game from The Witcher 2
    into the minecraft!

    The game is played at the chat, in
    a non-intrusive manner.

    It's a fun game to try your luck against the IA!
    In futures updates: Bet system and player as opponent!

    The script makes the game almost all automatic.

    The dices are truly random and the
    script checks the player and the IA dice-hand
    for the winner!

    You just need to use the commands listed
    bellow to play the game.

    To get all commands, use the /dicepoker help
    command in-game.

    These are the winning-hands in the game,
    from top (better) to bot (worse).

    Five-of-a-kind – five dice showing the same value
    Example: ⚅⚅⚅⚅⚅

    Four-of-a-kind – four dice showing the same value
    Example: ⚄⚄⚄⚄

    Full House – a pair and a three-of-a-kind
    Example: ⚃⚃⚃⚀⚀

    Six-high straight – dice face showing II, III, IV, V and VI
    As in:

    Five-high straight – dice face showing I, II, III, IV and V
    As in: ⚀⚁

    Three-of-a-kind – three dice showing the same value
    Example: ⚁⚁⚁⚀⚅

    Two pairs – dice showing two matched pairs of values
    Example: ⚀⚀⚁⚁

    One pair – dice showing a single matched pair of values
    Example: ⚁⚁⚂⚃


    - Skript;
    - SkQuery;

    This skript is totally free.
    You can use, modify and redistribute as you want.
    Remember to credit the original creator.
    Don't copy and re-up into the resource section.