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Script ♦ Advanced Player Info ♦ - [GUI] [UUID] [+4000 Placeholders] [1.8»1.12.2] 1.4.4

Show advanced informations in gui about any player, Last Cmd, Last Chat, Last Block, Loc, inv, etc

  1. Holograms refresh interval - [v1.4.4]

    Ayham Alali

    A new small update but useful.


    - Added custom holograms refresh interval.
    - Fixed a bug in the last update.. the auto config.yml generator was missing the hologramsList value.

    » NOTES:
    - You either add this value to the config.yml or delete the config.yml file and let it generate again.
    Code (Text):
    1. hologramsrefresh: '5' # in seconds - NOTE: using 1 second might lag your server if there is a lot of players.

    » And as always have a wonderful day.
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