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Script ♦ Advanced Player Info ♦ - [GUI] [UUID] [+4000 Placeholders] [1.8»1.12.2] 1.4.4

Show advanced informations in gui about any player, Last Cmd, Last Chat, Last Block, Loc, inv, etc

  1. Major Update » New Features (+12) & Bug fixes (+3) - [V1.3]

    Ayham Alali
    Sorry for being inactive for a while, I don't have much time to work because of my study (my last year at school o_O ).

    Anyway, this update has a lot of awesome features and fixes, And it's very important to update to this version.

    NOTE: Before updating to this version you must backup your config.yml and gui.yml files, because you must use the new ones, then you can import your data again manually, I will add a better way to do all of that later :emoji_wink:.


    - Added exempt bypass feature (permission: "playerinfo.exempt.bypass") to bypass players that have permission "playerinfo.exempt"
    - Added Background items
    (Useless items only used for cool look & designs)
    - Added Locked items (Useless items only used for cool look & designs but different from background items they have another ID)
    - Removed Direct Inventory from GUI (Remember that horrible quick inventory that was in the middle of the GUI? yea it has been removed :emoji_slight_smile: which means more slots are now available)
    - Added '/pi reload' command (A configuration reload command)
    - Added Refresh Item (Quick info/gui refresh item in GUI)
    - GUI now has 6 rows instead of 7 (7 rows was a really weird idea)
    - Added a check of lore is set or not (if lore of gui item is not set then there will not be any line in the lore area)
    - Added if player is not wearing armor, the item that will be shown in the gui is now customizable.
    - Added UUID Support & Auto data conversion from player to player's uuid.
    - Added new variables:
    [player-money] [player-killcause], [player-deathcause]
    - Added normal deaths causes like fall, lava, etc.

    » FIXES:
    - Fixed some bugs in Last Kill & Death (Support mobs now & fixed)

    - Removed AutoReload (Less lag)
    - Fixed cancel inventory click while gui is opened (You can't move items while GUI is opened)
    - Optimized plugin's load messages and checks (Better look & easier code)

    - There is a small bug that I will fix soon which is.. you can't use ", " or " and " without quotes, if you use them a new line will be added (in any list value in gui.yml or in config.yml)

    » Screenshots:

    » Read Me:
    * I will upload a tutorial video on this plugin soon. (if you have made a tutorial video on it please send the link to me in PM or in discord)
    * If you have any question, please PM me or join my discord @ Click Here

    * Please don't forget to leave a 5 star review to motivate me to keep going on this project and make more awesome stuff ♥

    » ENJOY ♥
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